Particpiate in Breda Hackathon 2018!


“Win an experience to Dubai, participate in the Y4PT Global Hackathon and meet young professionals from all over the world”


 Are you creative, do you want to work on innovative and smart changes for cities and are you open for meeting new people? Then you have an opportunity to participate in the cross-academic Breda Hackathon 2018 organized by NHTV People and Goods on the Move! (Sign up form in the attachment of this article). Topics of the Breda Hackathon 2018 are: 

Increasing happiness in public transport

Smart applications for enhanced travel experience

Discover cities in a sustainable way

Smart solutions for world migration problems


 What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a sprint-like event in which small groups of young professionals search for innovative and creative solutions for everyday problems. The group results of a hackathon can be a programmed solution, a prototype, a test model, a tool, a design solution or a concept.

What are jury criteria?

Since it is a cross-academic hackathon the output is free form. It can be a programmed solutions including code, it can be an (urban) design solution, it can be concept or prototype. The professional jury will judge ideas on the following criteria:

Effect on society 


Cross-academic character of ideas 

Feasibility and usability of the ideas


What can you win?

The Breda hackathon is in the essence not about winning. It is about creating community sense, meeting other young professionals with different backgrounds and expertise enhancing your professional network in a meaningful way. It is about creating awareness that you as young professionals can actually contribute to a better world and that your ideas are significant. It is about exploring the potential of cross-sectoral collaboration amongst NHTV student to come up with innovative solutions. It is about challenging yourself as young professional to put yourself on a stage where opportunities become real. 

"A representative of the winning team will bring this NHTV mindset to the Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon in Dubai"

Besides the chance on this world experience, all participants and ideas will have a podium to present themselves on after the Breda Hackathon!

What is Youth for Public Transport?

NHTV is part of the Youth for Public Transport network called "The Ring". The mission of Y4PT is to develop real opportunities through which young professional’s ideas can contribute to a better mobility for everyone. Y4PT believes in and promotes a sustainable future, where public transport is completely integrated with other means of transport and provides a positive experience of mobility for all citizens, playing a key role in achieving the environmental, social and economic sustainability of communities around the world. One of the many Y4PT initiatives is the Y4PT hackathon series.


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 What is NHTV People and Goods on the Move?

Innovative developments will influence the travel behaviour of people, vehicles and goods in the future. Just think of the technological developments in the field of electrically powered transport, autonomous transport, and the development of smart cities, including all attendant data. Or what about the debate on climate change, energy transition, and adaptive and liveable cities – all affecting the domain of spatial planning. NHTV seeks to prepare for these developments with its cross-academic educational offerings.


Movie 1 - Montreal 2017

Movie 2 - Moscow 2017 

Blog 1 - NHTV students participating Y4PT Moscow Hackathon


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