Breda Hackathon 2018 brings academies of NHTV together!

Last weekend was special for NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences since there was the first Breda Hackathon which brought together students from different academies.

The aim of the Hackathon was to create community sense, connect students from different academies and enhance professional team work in a meaningful way. For two days students from different backgrounds, nationalities and specialties were mixed in five teams to work on topics regarding solutions that can change the world for the better.

BredaHack2 BredaHack3

Young professionals combined their knowledge from Built Environment, Logistics, Gaming, Tourism and Leisure in mixed teams. Two days were full of work including brainstorming, pitches to the coaches, work on their business cases and explanations of ideas. Final ideas were presented by five great teams to the Jury consisting of a representative of the City of Breda (Rob Temme, Senior Mobility advisor), Leo Kemps (Academy director Built Environment & logistics) and Marijke Bogers (Research & Business Innovation manager SLM).

The Three: EV-Sharing (third place)

The First presenting group was “Team 3” existing out of students from 3rd year Built Environment: Mathijs Jans,, 2nd year Tourism: Mihaela Mihaylova and 2nd year Logistics: Banele Mello. The team presented a concept for EV Sharing (Electric vehicles) based on Mobility as a Service principles in order to use make sharing of electrical vehicles possible without the dangers for our electricity grid. Fixed parking spots are necessary though, because the system transforms solar energy to hydrogen via electrolysis during the day and reconvert it into electricity during the night.

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Team TBC: The Mobility Revolution

The second presentation was by “Team TBC” consisting of 2nd year students from Logistics: Mathijs van Sambeek and Cindy Dlamini and International Spatial Development: Viesturs Krūmiņliepa. The team’s idea “The Transport Revolution” was about attracting people to use public transport by changing behaviour and implementing a reward system (life benefits) for the residents of Breda who choose to use public transport if they live in high density areas. What other life benefit people receive depends on zip-code you reside and the sustainability challenges your area faces.

BredaHack7 BredaHack8 BredaHack9

 EarthShakers: Plus+ (Second place & most enthusiastic team)

Team EarthShakers presented “Plus+” concept. Students from 4th year Mobility: Willem van Zoelen, Logistics: Christian Plesca and 2nd year International Spatial Development: Yves Gijzen proposed a new neighborhood facility connected to public transport in areas where a large population of elderly people reside. A meeting point named Plus+ for elderly with a lone and sedentary lifestyle to promote social contact and physical activity while undertaking their weekly activities. Give back to those who gave much to us, provide elderly with perspective and a reason to leave their home and to stay active.

BredaHack10 BredaHack11 BredaHack12

E²+F=W: City Tripping

“City Tripping” concept was presented by team “E²+F=W” including 2nd year International Spatial Development student Ekaterina Uzunova and 3rd year Gaming students Ekaterina Kafelova and Fabian Gross. The team’s idea was to create a social platform which will allow people to find sustainable attractions and local experiences in the city according to their personal interests by filling in a survey on the provided online platform. Besides, people will get a package with discounts.

BredaHack13 BredaHack14 BredaHack15

MLN: “Arrival concept” (winning idea and most sustainable idea)

The final presentation was from “MLN”. Students from 4rd year Leisure: Nelly Blaise, Built Environment: Martijn de Graaf and 3rd year Games: Lucasz van Heezik. Their concept was “Arrivals” which suggested to change the word “Refugees” into “Arrivals”. The main idea was to create a professional platform which links local community needs and employers to the skill skill sets of the new “Arrivals”. Furthermore, the team developed an idea to implement new sustainable ideas and product on lighting, construction methods, energy, waste and water into practice where new communities are being formed due to mass migration and create a solid foundation for a sustainable community while testing the innovations. Connect the world to the ambitions of arrivals, provide a positive perspective!

BredaHack16 BredaHack18


 The jury was amazed by the invested work of the teams and found it difficult to choose the winner of the first Breda Hackathon. 3rd place went to the Team 3 with “EV sharing”, 2nd place was for EarthShakers with “Plus+” and finally, the winning team MLN with their concept “Arrivals”! The winning team got a qualification to travel to the next Y4PT Global Hackathon in Dubai!


Because at the Breda Hackathon no one got forgotten, all the teams got prizes from the organisation and most importantly, great experience, new knowledge and new friends!

Great thanks to everyone who joined the Breda Hackathon 2018 and making it a big success! We are looking forward to more cross-academic experiences and wish a lot of success to the winning team MLN in Dubai! :)