Flexible and intuitive design solutions for Moscow' peak and crowdy moments!

Participating in the 1st Y4PT International Transport Hackathon Moscow 2017!

Watch the aftermovie of the 1st Y4PT International Hackathon to get an impression of the Hackathon!

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For us, second year students of the course International Spatial Development, Marija Satibaldijeva and Thomas Oorschot, NHTV has brought a great opportunity to take part in the Transport Hackathon in the metropolitan city Moscow together with our lecturer Geert de Leeuw! The event was organized by Y4PT (Youth For Public Transport) and Moscow Metro, and it was the event where enthusiastic young professionals from all over the world came together to propose new ideas on mobility for the Metropolitan of Moscow.

Moscow Y4PT hackathon 1
The International Show of Innovations “Urban Transport” // Photo by Thomas Oorschot

International atmosphere
There were teams from 20 different countries. The aim was about connecting together “fresh” brains to come up with solutions to make transport of Moscow better and the prize for the team’s best idea was a trip to another upcoming hackathon which will be held in Dubai. It was an amazing journey to Moscow to be a part of the international event where we could work together with people from different backgrounds, professions and be guided by a great team of supervisors. Everything was well organized and Moscow was very welcoming. Even though during a trip we did not have much free time, only one day-off, but it was worth of it – we came completely with empty minds, let’s say, blank sheet of paper and in the end we have delivered ideas which were appreciated by Metropolitan.

Group Picture Moscow Y4PT young professionals
Young professionals from all over the world participating in the 1st Y4PT International Hackathon in Moscow

Crowd management solutions with an ISD touch
At the hackathon teams mainly focussed on technological solutions - creating the apps for Moscow metropolitan. But we made up a team “ISD ”, what refers to our study, together with Thomas and our lecturer Geert de Leeuw. In contrast to other teams we came up with solutions as urban planners, using our background and knowledge gained at NHTV. During the event Moscow Metro appointed issues and one of the challenges was how to manage crowds, on which we focussed on. We proposed flexible and intuitive design solution for crowd management during rush hour and big events, for example, could be used during FIFA World cup in Moscow next year. One solution was to control the mass by designing public space between stadiums/event locations in a smart way to control crowd flow naturally. Another thing was an intuitive design solution in the Metro station – smart system which helps travellers to position themselves on the platform to make a journey faster and more comfortable during crowdy peak moments.

Urban Transport conference in Moscow
After our pitches in front of jury, ideas which were proposed during the Hackathon, were shared in the International Show of Innovations “Urban Transport” in Moscow. It was the big event where the newest innovations were showed, as sustainable buses and trams, inspiring presentations were made discussing the most actual topics in the transportation, and the whole event was broadcasted on the first channel news of Russia.

Moscow Y4PT hackathon 2
Marija and Thomas at The International Show of Innovations “Urban Transport”

Moscow Y4PT hackathon 3
Metro station in Moscow. // Photo by Thomas Oorschot

Experiencing Moscow, a day of sigthseeing
We had one day – off which we spend on exploring the city of Moscow. It was an organised program to experience Russian culture and historical heritage. We had a snowy day visiting historical landmarks, as Red Square and Kremlin, got introduced into history of past decade in The Gallery of Modern art - Tretyakov gallery, what had a rich collection of national 20th century art. And of course, we have discovered Moscow’s charming metro stations which are unique because every station is different and has its own history.

Moscow Y4PT hackathon 4
The New Tretyakov Gallery

Moscow Y4PT hackathon 5
Red Square. // photo by Thomas Oorschot

Moscow Y4PT hackathon 6
Manezhnaya square. // photo by Thomas Oorschot

The best experience ever!
Even though we didn’t win the Hackathon, we are glad that could be a part of this event! It was a dense and amazing week, and what a wonderful story has been added in a book of life that will be never forgotten. A lot of lessons learned, experience and knowledge gained. New place, new people, new friends. Looking forward for the new adventures with NHTV!

Moscow Y4PT hackathon 7
Team ISD, Geert de Leeuw, Marija Satibaldijeva and Thomas Oorschot

Moscow Y4PT hackathon 8
Traffic jam. // photo by Thomas Oorschot

Moscow Y4PT hackathon 9
Exploring Moscow’s metro stations // photo by Thomas Oorschot

Moscow Y4PT hackathon 10
Moscow’s International Business Center.

Check the presentation of our final ideas below!