Generating ideas: a team effort

Generating ideas: a team effort

Breda University of Applied Sciences, in collaboration with Youth for Public Transport, organised their 2nd Ideathon on 10 and 11 May at our Horizon Building. This two-day event brought a group of 40 people, consisting of students, young professionals and industry professionals together to work on one of four problems.

These challenges were provided by four partners; Arriva, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Future Mobility Network and LCB. At the time of signing up, participants were required to choose one of the companies and explain their preference for their chosen topic. Over the course of the event, every team was required to pitch an idea (e.g. by means of a video), write a business case and end with a final presentation.

Even though the Ideathon was a Logistics-dominated event, participating students came from Built Environment, Logistics and even Hotel. The young professionals came from fields like Geo Information, Programming, Urban Design, Serious Gaming, Sustainable Mobility and Environment & Safety. In addition to Dutch nationals, there were participants from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Germany.

Idea generator

"Hackathons are often seen as a free idea generator, hence the word 'Ideathon'," says Geert de Leeuw, lecturer and organiser of the event. "However, we don't want the students to think that we will run away with their ideas. All solutions pitched during the event are the team's effort and if our partners want to experiment with any of these ideas, they will do this together with the team involved."​


Hugh Fergusson, 1st year ISD student (Team Arriva) and Nick van Apeldoorn (Team LCB) were selected to go to Stockholm later this year to participate in the finals. In Sweden they will be faced with new problems to solve, and all the winners from the preliminaries (45 locations all over the world) get to create brand-new teams and pitches.