NHTV signs cooperation agreement with Vereniging Deltametropool

NHTV, through the academy directors of Tourism and Urban Development, Logistics and Mobility, concluded a cooperation agreement with Vereniging Deltametropool this week. This association, which NHTV recently joined as a member, was established in 1998 and has its origins in a collaborative venture between the four Dutch major cities with regard to spatial planning. The association’s agency is situated in Rotterdam. Meanwhile, the association has initiated independent design research into metropolisation in the Netherlands and into the Euro-Delta metropolis. The association coordinates research projects, conducts research itself, shares knowledge and provides advice. Its key focus areas are current issues such as urban development, energy, spatial economic development, accessibility and mobility, and the internationalisation of North-West Europe. The association has a broad-based governance and knowledge-oriented network, primarily in de Randstad area of the Netherlands. Recent new members are the Province of Noord-Brabant and Metropoolregio Eindhoven.

The cooperation agreement with Vereniging Deltametropool fits in well with the strategy of People and Goods on the Move as well as Making Places, Shaping Destinations. Meanwhile, NHTV has made a contribution to the Landschapstriënnale and a contribution to Architectuurweek 2018 (with the topic of Fietsmetropool (Cycling Metropolis)) is on the agenda. Moreover, initial research ideas are being worked out. In conclusion, our membership gives us access to a relatively new and interesting network in the Randstad area, which allows us to generate more exposure for our research on the one hand and obtain new input for our educational programmes on the other hand.